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What is Sleeve Gastrectomy?

Gastric sleeve surgery is a surgical procedure which consists of reducing the stomach’s capacity for the ingestion of food, which causes the patient to feel satisfied eating a smaller amount of food. This is a laparoscopic procedure.

In addition, studies have shown that in the portion of the stomach that is removed from the body, there are cells that produce a substance called ghrelin, which has to do with lack of fullness at the time of eating. In patients with elevated amounts of this substance, it causes the patient to keep eating and eating and when this substance is lowered, it reduces the feeling of the need to keep eating in large quantities.

In this laparoscopic surgery, the average surgical time is 60 minutes. Patients generally only stay in the hospital for one night.

Supplements such as protein, vitamins and minerals are required, but not as strictly as with (gastric?) bypass surgery. And this is only for a specified period of time, generally during the first year after the surgery.

Gastric sleeve surgery allows the patient to eat all types of foods but in smaller quantities, which causes them to feel satisfied when eating small amounts of food, reducing hunger and allowing them to keep losing weight and when they reach their ideal weight, to maintain it more easily. There is no dumping syndrome with this procedure.

It is suggested (recommended?) that the patient not have gastro-esophageal reflux in order to have the best results with the surgery. Because surgery in patients with severe reflux may increase symptoms of reflux due to the increase in pressure in the new stomach.

*The end results may be different in each patient and depend on the type of surgery, the changes in eating habits, exercise and medical and nutritional follow-up.

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