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The gastric sleeve surgery known as SILS (Single-incision laparoscipic sleeve gastrectomy) is a relatively new technique of a new approach for gastric sleeve surgery. (Nueva frase en orginal) Technically, is involves making a traditional gastric sleeve, removing 80% of the capacity of the stomach and in this manner, causes the patient to feel satisfied with a smaller amount of food, lose weight and maintain this weight loss. The difference between SILS and gastric sleeve laparoscopic surgery is the place in which the incisions are made and the number of incisions. With SILS, the incisions are in the navel and there are only three incisions, which end up looking barely visible or noticeable. In order to be a candidate for laparoscopic SILS, it is required to have a BMI of less than 35 and under no circumstances a BMI of no less than 32 in order to have the best safety conditions for surgery.

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