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Bariatric Revision Surgery
in Mexico

Travel to Mexico to receive world-class care and perform your Bariatric Revision Surgery in Mexico while enjoying the beautiful beaches of Puerto Vallarta.

What is the bariatric revision surgery?

Revision Surgery in Mexico is performed on patients who have previously undergone bariatric surgery, such as Gastric Sleeve surgery or Gastric Bypass surgery.

This procedure known as bariatric revision surgery is most needed for patients who experience significant weight regain after reaching a low weight. Gastric bypass surgery is usually recommended for people who are severely obese or overweight (BMI greater than 35) with complications associated health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, etc., or those who have already tried more conservative methods such as diet and exercise without success.


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The Goal of Revision Surgery

The main goal of a bariatric review is to improve the results of the primary bariatric procedure by ensuring that there is sufficient weight loss and that the patient can maintain the desired weight. Additionally, revision surgery can also reduce or eliminate any complications related to the primary intervention. 

Reasons to consider revision surgery

The main reason patients consider having a bariatric revision is related to weight loss, either not enough weight was lost after surgery or too much weight was regained. Therefore, before undergoing a bariatric check-up, it is important that the patient follow the surgeon’s instructions.
Other reasons to consider revision surgery in Mexico are:

  1. Poor results from the initial procedure, such as gastric sleeve or gastric bypass
  2. Complications after initial surgery
  3. Difficulty maintaining weight loss or onset of a new medical disorder due to primary bariatric surgery
  4. Difficulty maintaining weight loss or onset of a new medical disorder due to primary bariatric surgery

Discover why Mexico is the best place for your surgery

Discover why Mexico is the best place for your surgery

From prices to facilities, Puerto Vallarta should be your go-to for your next bariatric surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions about
Bariatric Revision Surgery

What is bariatric revision surgery?​

Revision surgery in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta. Every day it is more frequent. Revision surgery is considered when the patient already has previous bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery). Gastric band, gastric sleeve, even gastric bypass.

When is bariatric revision surgery indicated?

When the patient has gained weight or does not lose weight despite the original bariatric surgery. It is important to investigate the current type of diet, change in the patient’s habits after the original surgery, and type of procedure and surgical technique used prior to the new surgery.

Why can I gain weight after my first bariatric surgery?

There are several factors why a patient gains weight again after bariatric surgery and they may be that the original procedure was not indicated or the most appropriate from the beginning for the patient, another that there was not the necessary attachment to improving eating habits. nutrition, that there was no follow-up by the surgeon and Nutritionist in the first bariatric surgery.

What are the most common revision surgeries?​

In general, the most common revision surgery in bariatrics is the gastric band that was placed years ago and the patient now has significant weight gain or erosion or migration of the gastric band. Another surgery is the gastric sleeve, in which the patient lost weight or has serious gastroesophageal reflux problems.

That is why the initial evaluation of the patient in their first surgery is essential to avoid a second surgery. In addition to raising awareness of nutritional addiction and healthy lifestyle changes. The most frequent revision surgeries are:

●Gastric Band

●Gastric Bypass (recommended)

●Gastric Sleeve

●Duodenal Switch (recommended)

●Gastric Pouch Review

●Revision of intestinal loops to make more effect of non-absorption.

Patient preparation is essential and the choice of the new surgical technique is essential to have the desired success.

Perform a safe surgery with excellent results.

How is revision surgery performed and how long does it take?

Revision surgeries are performed by laparoscopy and the average surgery time is 2 to 3 hours, depending on the previous surgery and surgery to be performed. And in general, patients stay 1 to 2 nights in the hospital.

What are the types of revision surgery available in Mexico?​

The most frequent revision procedures performed in Mexico are gastric sleeve revision, gastric bypass revision, and duodenal switch revision. Depending on the patient’s needs, the surgeon may recommend one or a combination of these procedures. In general, bariatric screenings can be beneficial for patients who need to improve the results of one or who have experienced significant weight regain after the initial intervention.

What is the postoperative care?​

Following revision surgery, post-operative care is essential for patients to ensure the best possible outcome. The patient must follow the surgeon’s instructions and complete any additional tests or evaluations that are prescribed. Recovery time from a bariatric revision in Mexico depends on several factors, such as the extent of the intervention and how well the patient follows postoperative instructions. Typically, most patients can return to normal activities within a few days, although strenuous activities should be avoided for at least 4 weeks.

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